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Little Macho Music, a fan project for Jacques Fred Petrus

Whats new - news and site updates. Updated irregularly

Whats new - news and site updates. Updated irregularly
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January 14, 2007:
Goody Music, the original label, still exists. And what's even better, they have just released a new compilation album with many JFP productions. They ship worldwide, here is the link:
Please look for the listing "Goody Music Golden Age Best Of Volume 1". Definitely worth a small investment!
And those wonderful people at Vinyl Masterpiece have many JFP CD box sets:

Site updates

14 January, 2007
A small addition on the "Other productions" page. Via this website I received a review of the elusive JFP production by Caprice. In reality, it probably was more of a "slap the JFP name on the record" then a real JFP work. But it is interesting none the less, and included from today!
1 June 2006
Wow that's a long time in between updates. And we are beginning to scrape the barrel I think. Anyway, whilst updating my CD Collection database I was looking at the 1990 release from Italian house band Black Box, only to find Mauro Malavasi and Rudy Trevisi under the credits. So I wrote a little update under the "Other productions" section. And there is a little mystery there as well. Have a look, and if you know the answer, I am very interested to hear from you!
5 September 2005:
Paris Ford, former BB&Q Band bass player, was kind enough to send me the details of hiw web page. Check it out in the links section.
27 July 2005:
Updated the site with new scans, sent by fans :-)  Thank you Patrick and Eddy from Holland. Also some fact updates, thanks to Joerg in Germany.