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What I think...

High Fashion released two albums. The first album "Feelin' Lucky" came out in 1982 and sounded very much like the "Miracles" album by Change.

The singers were Erick McClinton, Alyson Williams and Melisa Morgan. This album was a bit of a departure from other Jacques Fred Petrus productions in that it was entirely recorded as well as mixed in
New York (Media Sound Studio's). Kashif was one of the keyboard players on the album.

Both female singers were to continue with solo-efforts, where Melisa Morgan changed the spelling of her name to Melis'sa Morgan. She enjoyed success with a sultry song and album produced by Prince called "Do me baby". She also worked with Kashif and enjoyed a total of four R&B hits in the mid 80's.

Alyson Williams released two solo albums: "Raw" in 1989 and "Alyson Williams" in 1991. She also continued to sing as a session singer, amongst others on releases by smooth jazz pianist Marcus Johnson..

The second album followed in 1983. Erick McClinton and Alyson Williams continued from the first album, the third singer was now Marcella Allen.

The second album was not as strong as album number one, but the track "Make up your mind" achieved minor club success. The album was recorded in
Italy (Umbi Studio's in Modena), and post production took place in New York (mixed at Sorcerer Sound; Mastered at Sterling Sound).

High Fashion releases:

1982 - Feelin' lucky (Capitol)
1983 - Make up your mind (Capitol)

1993 - Feelin' lucky (EMI-Toshiba Japan)
1993 - Make up your mind (EMI-Toshiba Japan)
2004 - Feelin' lucky (Masterpiece Classics)