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What I think

Macho was a studio collective which released two albums.

The first album from 1979, called "I'm a man", is pictured here. As was the case with all other "Goody Music" material, the music was recorded in
Italy, and then the album was finished in New York.

The title track was a remake of the 1967 hit by The Spencer Davis Group.
Chicago put the same song out in 1968.

The original 12" version of "I'm a man", mixed by Tom Savarese, was released on the CD Rare Preludes Volume 6 (1993 Unidisc SPLK-7166, track length
11:26). At the top of this page you can read the Disconet review from that time. The Disconet version can be seen here on the left (yellow disconet label).

The singer was identified as Marzio, a ballroom singer on the Italian Riviera (Rimini) where a lot of disco's were located.

Marzio only sang on the first Macho album, and went on to record a solo LP called Volcano. According to sources, he died in the first half of 2001.

The second album is called "Macho II: Roll" and was released in 1980. It was conducted by Celso Valli, who also worked with Italian disco bands like Tantra and Azoto.

This album did not feature Marzio as the lead singer, in fact there is no mention of any artists apart from the line "All songs played by the Goody Music Orchestra".

As the title suggested, the album tried to manage a cross between rock and disco, a combination that did not work. The album was a serious disappointment in the quality of the songs as well as commercial success. Out of the 8 tracks on the album, "
Montreal" is the only song that resembles other Goody Music productions.

Finally, at the top of this page is the original Italian "I'm a man" 12 inch label. This label design was used before the "real" Goody Music logo and look was developed which can be viewed on the Macho - "Mother's love" 12" pictured left.

Billboard USA Dance/Disco chart listings:

I'm a man (all cuts)
September 16, 1978 (29th position)
November 25, 1978 (33rd position)
Number of weeks: 11
Highest position: 6 (2 weeks)

Roll/Not tonight 12"
December 13, 1980 (81st position)
January 17, 1981 (99th position)
Number of weeks: 5
Highest position: 78 (1 week)


PS to all the dirty minds out there :-)


When you have the original first Macho album, be sure to turn the back of the album up-side-down. Yes, the picture is innocent enough, but the intention was always there for you to see...