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Silence2 featuring Gordon Grody
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What I think

This album and 12" both came out in 1984.
Gordon Crody was one of the voices of Change, and surely a very talented singer. But this album and 12" were disappointing (my opinion... write me if you beg to differ :-) ).
The album was arranged by Celso Valli, who also played keyboards. Celso Valli was earlier involved in other Italian disco productions, some with JFP (Midnight Gang, Macho). The whole album was recorded in Italy (Fonoprint and Umbi Studio's). The only thing that was done in the US was the final mix, which (as with almost all JFP productions) was done by Michael Brauer in NYC.
The 12" "The beast in me" (see top of page) contained three versions of the track: a 6m50 A-side, and a 2m26 Bonus Version and 4m54 Instrumental on the B-side.
Interestingly, the album also contained a disco version of "Moonlight shadow", Mike Oldfield's top 40 hit.