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Little Macho Music, a fan project for Jacques Fred Petrus
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What I think

A somewhat rare and unknown release from 1982. The album sounded much like BB&Q Band's "Imagination" and some of the the other early 80's Malavasi/Petrus productions.

The sound had become more edgy, funky and also more rock influenced (most notably on Macho's second album). Wether this had to do with the producer's own personal tastes, or the changing music industry environment is unknown. At the time of release "disco" was becoming an ugly word in the
US, and punk had taken to the airwaves.

"Street level" opened with the title track, written by Kashif (also known for his own early 80's dance tracks, and for producing and writing for Passion, Evelyn Champagne King, Melba Moore, Nona Hendryx, Lillo Thomas and Howard Johnson amongst others).

The title track is probably the most accessible track, with a recognizable "Goody Music" sound. This track was released as a 12". To my knowledge, there have been no CD releases of any Zinc tracks.

Pictured at the top and top-left are the pre-release labels from Zomba Records DJ pack's. At the top the label of the 12", and top left are the A and B side labels covering 4 of the album tracks.