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Little Macho Music, a fan project for Jacques Fred Petrus

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M Like Moonlight

A 12" from 1984, released on Flarenasch/Ariola. JFP was co-producer together with Elvio Pieri, and the band M. Like Moon. Arrangers were R. Bais and Davide Romani. The 12" contains two versions of "Sunlight": on the East Side there is a mix by Renato Cantele at Stone Castle Studio's and the West Side mix is done by Steve "The Best" Ennever at Rimini Studio's.
The track itself and the production values are disappointing... imagine a poor version of 'Let's go together' by Change. Or something like that.


The Goody Music Orchestra
This was a compilation album from the Goody Music label, containing exclusively JFP productions. However, it appears there were two versions, one pictured left, and one pictured above, with totally different track listings. The one above we know for sure appeared as an LP on Goody Music as GOM 30005.
Both compilations have the same front cover, pictured top left.

Where are they now?

Many people wonder what has happened to many of the musicians and other talented people that worked on JFP's many different projects. And it is not easy to track some, whereas with others it was a lot easier.
We all know what happened with the career of the late, great Luther Vandross. The solo efforts of Alyson Williams and Melissa Morgan are also public knowledge.
But what happened to the Italian side? Well, Mauro Malavasi is still active in music, mostly in and with Italian acts and projects. Some of these have however reached global audiences in their own rights.
One such project was Blackbox, who burst onto the global emerging house scene in 1990. It is a well known fact that on some of their tracks they happily sampled Loleatta Holloway who, according to interviews, to this day regrets that fact. But the album also reunited some of the former JFP "gang". Rudy Trevisi plays sax and Sauro Malavasi plays guitar. Sauro?
In the credits section of the album there is a thank you to Mauro Malavasi. So is Sauro a typo for Mauro? This seems unlikely as Mauro is credited with keyboards, writing credits and production work on most JFP productions. So is Sauro another family member? If you know more, please email me!


Via the website, I was contacted by Glenn George Rivera, who contributed the following review of a rather obscure JFP production. Rather than me re-writing it, I am copying/pasting it with GG Rivera's permission!





Goody Music Prod. 1980


  1. Russia
  2. Stay Tonight
  3. De Musique En Musique
  4. Shame and The Scandal In The Family
  5. Valiente
  6. Sexopolis Tower 

All songs penned by Sanchez-Wauquier

Composed, Arranged by Candelario Sanchez

Produced by J.F. Petrus

For Goody Music Production


During the late seventies when disco had already made its mark many productions were either hits or misses. This project bears the Goody Music Production and Jacques Fred Petrus stamp on the vinyl core and cover. It would never be recognized unless otherwise.  It is noted the recordings were out of Studio Milan in Paris.


It has been mentioned that Petrus had little impact on the sounds of these projects. This collection of disco tunes is one of those diversions from a sound created with projects under titles of Peter Jacques Band, Macho and Revanche.  All of these cuts are arranged and executed as European disco music being produced during 1977 – 1978. It may be appropriate to guess that many of them were produced at this time and released in 1980. All of the cuts have a slight resemblance, which gives the project a bit of identity.


“Russia” contains an orchestral string arrangement that flows over vocals and percussion arrangements, which bring to mind producer/arranger Celso Valli. Although he is not listed, it sounds as if he somehow influenced this set. My favorite cuts are “Stay Tonight” and “Shame and The Scandal In The Family.” 


In “Stay Tonight” a catchy chorus gives a chanteuse with a sweet vocal delivery the opportunity to make this song work very well. The tune “Shame and The Scandal in The Family” is a fun calypso-sounding drama fun and airy complete with a well-mannered orchestral effect. This song is noted to have been written for a 1943 Hollywood film titled, “I Walk With a Zombie” – it a great play on a story of a small village boy looking for his parent’s approval of his girl to marry. I have always enjoyed the play on words as well as the great arrangement.


The album is worth listening to and owning since it does transpire from Petrus’ label Goody Music and somewhat rare making it more of an underground sensation for fans. Also with a full string and horn section ensemble and orchestrations, it may be one of the last great European disco projects of its time!


Glenn George Rivera