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What I think

Jacques Fred Petrus only produced one Ritchie Family album. It is called "I'll do my best" and came out in 1982.

It was an excellent album, and featured the (maxi) single release "I'll do my best (for you baby)". Apart from this track, the album contained 7 other compositions, some of them typical of the Goody Music sound (This love's on me, One and only, Alright on the night and You've got me dancing). Other tracks were (semi) ballads.

An interesting fact is that although the album is produced by Jacques Fred Petrus for his own production company Little Macho Music, it states that it was ultimately a "Can't Stop Productions, Inc." production. "Can't Stop" was of course the production company of Jacque Morali and Henri Belolo of Village People fame.

"I'll do my best (for you baby)" has been re-released as a Unidisc CD-single as part of the 12 Inch Classics On CD series (release SP5-1648; pictured left). It contained the 12" version at
5:18, as well as "All night, all right" at 6:09 and the single edit of "I'll do my best" at 3:29.

The "All Night All Right" track was from the album with the same title, which came out in 1983 and was produced by Jimmy Douglas and Gavin Christopher. Nick Martinelli mixed the cut.

In Holland, a special remixed maxi single was released from the same album, combining "This Love's On Me" and "Tonight I Need To Have Your Love". The mix was made by Erroll Lafleur and Rutger "Rutti" Kroese and tried to cash in on the emerging aerobics craze, claiming that this 12" had a steady 126 BPM's. The 12" also featured another track from the same album: You've Got Me Dancing.

The "I'll do my best" album has never been released on CD (as far as I am aware), but the title track did make it on The Ritchie Family's "The best of" CD.

In 1995, an Italian house remix was released of the "I'll do my best" track. Although these things rarely work in favor of the original, the M2 duo of Moroldi and Mensi did an OK job.