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Rudy was the first name of Rudy Trevesi, a multi instrumentalist and vocalist from Italy. This solo-effort was produced by Jacques Fred Petrus and Mauro Malavasi in 1979 and released on Polydor.

In line with all other Goody Music efforts, the album was recorded in Italy (Fonoprint Studio's) and mixed in NY (Power Station). The background vocals were recorded in NY, too.

On the album, Rudy played percussion and conga's, saxophone, and various keyboards. The album contained 5 songs:

A1. White room
A2. Just take my body
A3. Higher
B1. Thank you baby
B2. Can you stop woman

The song "White Room" was a disco remake of a song by pop band Cream which came out in 1968 (odly enough also on the Polydor label). Jacques Fred Petrus liked the concept of creating disco remakes, as he also put out Macho's "I'm a man" originally released in 1967 by the Spencer Davis Group.

Rudy Trevesi can be found on many Jacques Fred Petrus album projects, but "Just take my body" was to be his only solo effort. The album is somewhat rare and has never been issued on CD as far as I am aware.